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    BE THE OWNER OF YOUR NAME !Protect your brand for a year, or more ! Register your own domain name.Book a domain name without the cost of a hosting service.

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    Make a long-term investment on your Web site thanks to an Ethical SEO strategy (Search Engine Optimization), and generate quality traffic towards quality web content specifically adapted to your market.From an hour to 20* hours (*Basic budget representing a month work on the website, even on social networks).

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    Choose 3 email accounts and get your DOMAIN NAME FOR FREE ! 3 x 2€ x 12(month) = 72 € instead of 80.50 € ! Manage and master your brand.

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    Pack dedicated to the startings up of professional activity, including a domain name, a showcase website managed with the software CMS WORDPRESS pre-settled with additional modules, a professional e-mail address, and a tutorial for use of the software Wordpress delivered under  PDF format.

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Secure and professional data hosting for companies : We manage it for you.

Freedom and privacy : Your private data remain confidential.


We do not use cheap cloud storage providers in foreign jurisdictions to store your private data. We have our own servers in an independent data center certified by the government and real hardware in the south west of France.
By this way, we can guarantee the best protection against snooping from third parties.

Our technical and International legal department is ready to advise to you.

Hight quality web hosting

In a high-technology region with constant growth thanks to the aerospace industry world leader, and in one of the greatest High-Tech park located in the south-west of France, working with the first worldwide aerospace industry, a team of IT professionals, allows you to focus on running your business, not running your data center :

Data hosting and network security, can be outsourced to a professional service provider who can design, implement and maintain the technology solution for your business. This is our job.


Pay only for what you need :

A virtual solution allows you to scale your growth up or down with your business needs.

Our data center provides optimization through its operations via secure, scalable, and redundant facilities. Unmanaged Dedicated Servers or Managed Dedicated Servers.

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Our clients come from various industries and sectors :
(Non-exhaustive list)